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Presenting The Treatment Room's house brand Zenzan, a range of boutique health & relaxation products.


Zenzan magnesium bath salts are scented with pure essential oils and botanicals. Available online in 200g (enough for 4 baths) packs. 


Rose geranium & rose petals

Roman chamomile & chamomile flowers

Spiced orange & hibiscus flowers

Subtle lavender (Lavender flowers only without essential oil)

Bulgarian lavender & Egyptian geranium with lavender flowers

Pure Magnesium  (unscented) 





Magnesium bath salts 200g

SKU: 364215376135191
200 Grams
  • Zenzan bath salts are a luxurious way of increasing your magnesium levels. Magnesium assists your body absorb calcium, regulate biochemical reactions including protein synthesis, and is required for muscle & nerve function. Magnesium chloride crystals, essential oils and botanicals are combined for their different health properties, scents & colours.

    This 200g pack contains enough for 4 baths.



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